How Fast do Electric Golf Carts Go?

Electric golf carts are not only fun and efficient vehicles to get around the golf course, but streel-legal ones are also a good method of transportation on public roads. They offer a smooth and quiet ride and are environmentally friendly. It helps to know the top speed of these machines so that you can operate the cart safely and be proactive in preventing any accidents.

Knowing the average speed and top speed of electric golf carts also gives you an idea of if they’ll be quick enough for getting you to the places you need to be in good time. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about the speed of these machines, modifications to increase their speed, speed comparisons between electric golf carts and gas golf carts, and highlight a few safety considerations.

Understanding Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are small vehicles that are equipped with rechargeable batteries. They’re typically seen on the golf course, but more people use them for other purposes, like commuting, hunting, and recreational driving. Electric golf carts have increased in popularity because of their eco-friendly and efficient nature. They’re not as loud as gas-powered carts and are much more relaxing to drive.

There are various electric golf carts on the market, and each caters to different preferences. Some are equipped with GPS systems and digital displays, while others offer seating options for up to six passengers.

The Speed of Electric Golf Carts

A couple of factors influence the speed of electric golf carts.

Batteries: Batteries play an important role in determining how fast an electric golf cart will go. Higher voltage batteries and ones with bigger capacities will result in faster carts.

Terrain: Terrain is another thing that affects the speed of these carts. Driving uphill will be much slower than driving downhill, and flat, well-groomed golf courses will also be much quicker than rough and rocky terrain.

Passenger weight: The weight of passengers and any cargo that passengers are hauling in the cart will influence the speed. More passengers or more cargo on a cart can put a strain on the motor and lower the top speed.

The average speed of electric golf carts is around 12 to 15 miles per hour, but some models, like the ones offered by us at Kandi America, can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour. At Kandi America, we’re known for providing golfers and anyone interested in electric golf carts with both a fast and enjoyable experience on or off the course.

How to Determine the Speed of Electric Golf Carts

Knowing how to measure the speed of electric golf carts helps ensure your safety and compliance with local regulations. One of the easiest ways to measure your speed is to use a smartphone app that calculates and displays your speed in real time. To use these speed-tracking apps, your GPS must be turned on.

Another device you can try, though more challenging than a smartphone,  is a speed radar gun. This requires someone to hold the radar gun and point it at your golf cart as you’re driving.

Modifying Electric Golf Carts for Higher Speeds

If your golf cart isn’t as fast as you’d like, there are upgrades you can consider to increase its speed. It’s important to note that a modified golf cart may also come with increased risks and legal complications.

Speed controller: The speed controller regulates the power and speed of the golf cart’s electric motor. Replacing the stock speed controller with an aftermarket one will increase the cart’s top speed.

Battery system: Upgrading the battery system to a higher voltage will also increase the cart’s speed, although this modification might require a professional to complete.

Comparing Electric Golf Carts and Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Gas-powered carts can typically reach higher top speeds than electric golf carts. When comparing the two, there are a couple of pros and cons of each that you should consider.

Electric Golf Cart Pros

  • Quiet
  • No emissions
  • Low maintenance


  • Lower speeds
  • Recharging

Gas-Powered Golf Cart Pros

  • Higher top speeds
  • Ideal for longer distances


  • Loud
  • More emissions
  • More maintenance

The Speed of Electric Golf Carts and Safety Considerations

Being in control of the speed of your electric golf cart will ensure your and your passengers’ safety. Higher speeds correlate with more accidents, an increased risk of collisions, and more injuries. In case of an accident due to higher speeds, some of the safety features of electric golf carts are:

  • Seat belts
  • Headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Rearview mirrors

Abiding by the regulations set in place will not only keep you and any passengers safe, but also other people around you.

The Future of Electric Golf Carts

At Kandi America, we’re constantly striving toward innovative advancements within the industry. Our golf carts are equipped with optimized control systems and an automotive-grade chassis that’s durable enough for many types of activities. Because of our constant striving for newer upgrades and technology, the future of electric golf carts promises to be more efficient and faster than ever before.

Reach Your Top Speed With Kandi America’s Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts have come a long way since their inception. With technological advancements and brands like us at Kandi America, who are focused on advancing electric golf cart technology, the speed capabilities of electric golf carts are increasing. If you’re looking for an electric golf cart dealer near you, reach out to us today.


Q: Are electric golf carts faster than gas golf carts?

A: Gas golf carts are generally faster than electric ones, mainly because combustion engines generate more torque and horsepower.

Q: How does the speed of a golf cart compare to a regular car?

A: Golf carts are much slower than regular cars, with average speeds ranging between 12 and 15 mph. Some can reach up to 25 mph.

Q: Can golf cart speed be dangerous?

A: Operating a golf cart at high speeds can be very dangerous and lead to injuries.



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