Kruiser 4PRO Forward B


Kruiser 4PRO Forward B: Elevate Your Golf Cart Experience

Experience the best in class with the Kruiser 4PRO Forward B, a top-tier 4-seater electric golf cart designed for those who expect the best. Blending modern technology with sleek design, it delivers an exceptional ride both on the golf course and beyond. Perfect for anyone seeking a mix of style, power, and cutting-edge features in their electric golf cart.




Engine Type

AC Electric Motor

Rated Power

5,000 watts


Lithium 48V 150Ah

Charging Port (SAE J1772)




Top Speed

20 MPH

Estimated Maximum Driving Range

40 Miles



Charging Time 120V

6.5 Hours


Overall Length

117 in.

Overall Width

53 in.

Overall Height

75 in.

Seat Height

35 in.

Ground Clearance

6.3 in.

Front Tire

23 x 10.5-14

Rear Tire

23 x 10.5-14


85.8 in.

Dry Weight

1,314 lbs

Weight Limit

1,314 lbs

Towing Hitch

2" (optional)


Front Suspension

Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension

Rear Suspension

Swing Arm Straight Axle


Front Brake

Hydraulic Disc

Rear Brake

Hydraulic Drum



Cavalry Blue, Lime Green, Grey, Matte Black, Turquoise

Electric Power Steering (EPS)


Aluminum Wheels



36 months for Lithium battery / 12 months limited for vehicle

Age Limit

16 Years and Older


  • High-Efficiency Electric Motor: Powered by a high-rated 5,000-watt AC electric motor, this golf cart ensures smooth, powerful rides with a top speed of 20 MPH, perfect for cruising through golf courses or neighborhood streets.
  • Extended Range Lithium Battery: Equipped with a lithium 48V 150Ah battery, it boasts an estimated maximum driving range of 40 miles on a single charge, allowing for extended playtime and exploration without the constant need for recharging.
  • Fast and Convenient Charging: Features a 120V Charging Port (SAE J1772) for quick and easy battery top-ups, ensuring your cart is always ready to go with a charging time of just 6.5 hours.
  • Superior Ride Comfort: With an Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension at the front and a Swing Arm Straight Axle at the rear, the Kruiser 4PRO Forward B offers a smooth, stable ride across various terrains.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Hydraulic disc brakes at the front and hydraulic drum brakes at the rear, coupled with Electric Power Steering (EPS), provide superior control and safety, making every ride a worry-free experience.
  • Elegant Design and Durability: A striking design with a choice of vibrant colors like Cavalry Blue, Lime Green, Grey, Matte Black, and Turquoise, complemented by aluminum wheels, ensures you stand out from the crowd.
  • Robust and Reliable: With a durable build and a generous warranty period, including 36 months for the lithium battery and 12 months limited for the vehicle, the Kruiser 4PRO Forward B is a dependable companion for all your adventures.

Step into a world where luxury meets performance. Explore the Kruiser 4PRO Forward B and the full lineup of Kandi’s electric vehicles today and transform how you experience mobility.